Hostel / Orphanage

The Jammu and Kashmir Yateem Trust has been running orphanage from last 40 Years. In fact the first orphanage in the governmental and non governmental sector was established by the J&K Yateem Trust, from where hundreds of orphans have so far got education and most of them are now well settled in the community.
At present the Trust Runs 12 orphanages across the valley as under:

  1. Gulshan Mahal Hostel A Boy’s Orphanage at BachiDarwazaMakhdoom Sahib Srinagar: A Full fleged and well equipped building with 16 rooms. Year of Establishment: 1981,  Present Roll:55.
  2. Gulshan Mahal Hostel B Boy’s Orphanage at DullaBaghSoura Srinagar :A three storeyed well equipped building. Year of Establishment: 1998, Present Roll:25.
  3. TakZainagiri Memorial Hostel SalkootKupwara: A two storied building, Established in 2002, Present Roll. 50.
  4. BaitulFalah Boy’s Orphanages at SinghporaPattanBaramullah: A two storeyed Building. Established in 2006, present Roll. 4.
  5. Bosstan e Atfal Boy’s Orphanage at VessuQazigundAnantnag : One storeyedfull fledged building Established in 1998 present Roll.25.
  6. Gulshan e Atfal Boy’s Orphanage LangateHandwara : A full fledged two storeyed building Established in 2011 Present Roll 25. 
  7. Gulshan e Atfal Boy’s Orphanage IslamporaBanihal: One storeyed building Established in 2011 Present Roll 25.
  8. Gulshan e Banat Hostel Girl’s orphanage at GopalporaChadooraBudgam : A two storyedfull fledged building Established in 2002 ;Present Roll. 115. 
  9. Gulistan e Banat Girl’s orphanage at HandwaraKupwara: A two storeyed building Established in 2002 Present Roll. 38.
  10. BaitulAafiyat Girl’s orphanage at TralPulwama : A two storeyed building Established in 2009 Present Roll. 40.

Orphanages Under construction:

  1. Bosstan e Banat PazalporaBijbeharaAnantnag
  2. Boys Orphanage at Yaripora Kulgam
  3. Boys Orphanage at BeerwaBudgam


Donors are requested to visit the orphanages of the Trust where they can get directly involved withthe orphans and can give valuable good and moral suggestions to orphans and caretakers of theorphanages. Visiting the orphanages will have huge impact on development ofboth orphans andorphanages.
The Quality Standards of Carehave been developed and implemented by the state government. of J&K.The Trust has formulated and implemented orphanage policies to run day to day affairs of these orphanageswith coordinated and result oriented approach. Ours is the first organization in the state having these wellstructured policies for the orphanages