Wedding Assistance Program

In the name of Customs, Fashion and modernization, making marriages have become more difficult and expensive for poor and orphans in today's society. As a result of which a huge number of young people, who have attained the age of marriage particularly girls are not able to bear the expenses of so called modern marriages. Though these ridiculous cultural norms were not prevalent in our society but unfortunately we have imported these things from other societies and cultures. In Islam the Nikkah must be a very simple and easy activity /programme to perform but the customs like dowry and other related burdens of modern marriage have forced people to late marriages which have its own demerits like exploitations, infertility, etc. 

Poor and Orphan girls who have reached the age of marriage and their families are not able to bear the expenses of their marriages, the J&K Yateem Trust provide such girls a marriage/wedding kit, which contains all the necessary items, a poor bride needs for her marriage. It includes clothes, toiletry items, shoes and sandals, shawl and other necessary items .