About Us

 The J & K Yateem Trust completed 46 years of its establishment on 24th July 2018. In the years 1972, when on 24th July, Late Abdul Khaliq Tak, most popularly known in far and wide of the State as Tak Zainagiri, established J & K Yateem Trust, he was ridiculed to have started an unwanted and unwarranted job. When one remembers the taunts and satirical remarks of friends and foes which he had to bear at that time, hand goes up to salute the man who had no regrets and no vengeance against anybody. Hurdles were created at every step in his way but his determination was absolute. Nobody at that time had dreamt that a time would come when “Orphan Care” would become a serious issue. Was it far-sightedness of Tak Sahib that almost two decades before eruption of mass-scale violence in the State which gave rise to tens of thousands of orphans, widows and destitute, that he brought into existence an  institutionalized system of orphan care, before he left for heavenly abode on 24th July 1989, surprisingly on the same date on which he had established the Trust.

The J & K Yateem Trust which Tak Sahib had thought of was a non-governmental, non-political, non-sectarian, non-profit, non-discriminatory and purely democratic. After his passing away, we have tried hard to keep these values unaltered and uncompromised with. 

There has hardly been any political, religious or social organization in Kashmir which did not face a split or disintegration. What kept J & K Yateem Trust live and relevant was purity of purpose and dedication of its members. In J & K Yateem Trust, we don't have a system of doing social work for earning salaries and benefits out of its funds. The members from all walks of life have gathered together with avery open heart and mind to serve the deserving selflessly. We remain wedded to this noble cause fearlessly and tirelessly. Those who love this cause, automatically become a part of this Trust without beat of drums. Those who get tired or disintrested, leave honorably though at the risk of answerability before somebody somewhere.

The J & K Yateem Trust has gifted the nation with several doctors, engineers, academicians, administrators and philanthropists out of erstwhile orphans whose talent could have rolled in dust, had J & K Yateem Trust not held their hand at the time of their distress. It gave parental care to those orphans who had no one around to give such care. In cases where there was non-conducive atmosphere for education of these orphans, they were accommodated in 12 orphanages of the Trust established in different districts of the State for boys and girls separately. However, where the orphans chose to study while studying at their respective homes, educational assistance was provided to them so that their education does not get hampered.

The J & K Yateem Trust kept the hearths warm and candles lit in those families which had lost their bread-earners. This was done on a large scale so that the widow headed families do not starve and do not face exploitation. Thousands of young girls of marriageable age, both orphan and destitute, were provided with wedding kits so that they are saved from vultures and predators, who are always ready for a catch.

We have been conducting various welfare programmes to empower the widows and orphans. In the following pages of this booklet, you would come to know all about those activities. We are not counting our achievements; rather we are enlisting our fields of intervention. How much beneficial our intervention has been, that is for our donors and well wishers to judge. One thing, however, needs to be noted that in-spite of facing all odds, we have tried to keep the torch of “ SERVING THE DESERVING” aglow. 

This was not at all possible, had our esteemed donors, both here in the State and outside, not reposed their trust in us and favored us with their donations. We spend the Zakah and Sadqah funds strictly according to Shariah commandments and try to reach out to as many deserving people as possible. Many a time we wish, we had too many hands to wipe the tears of people in grief in a large and better way, but ah! the wish unachieved!!

We owe our sincere thanks to our local donors who offer us funds during the Ramadhan and other months, choosing us above all others. May the Lord of Universe reward them for all this.

We at J & K Yateem Trust, want to bring on record with thanks that our donors AKSP, UKIM, Mercy Universal, Orphans in Need, Muslim Aid, DSAK Foundation, etc  have always helped us to extend helping hand to the deserving people in a big way, without which we would not have reached out to so many families.

 We want to assure our donors that every penny of their money donated to J & K Yateem Trust, is, has been and will always be spent exclusively for the welfare of orphans and destitute without discrimination.

                   Long Live our Donors, 

                   Long Live J & K Yateem Trust.