About Us

 On 25th July 2017 the J&K Yateem Trust completed its 45th year of establishment. It has been a long, a very long journey since 1972 when late Abdul Khaliq TakZainagiri (RA) established it altruistically in his native village HardushivaZaniageer of Sopore Tehsil. There is an interesting story behind the establishment of this Trust.

TakZainagiri, in connection with his official duties as revenue officer, while on field visit had gone to a village. People knew him as a kind hearted and a very pious person. In those days if some government officer visited a village, people in large numbers would assemble to see the visitor and gossip among themselves about him later in leisure time at shops, fields, mosque Hamametc. Even small children could listento what elders said. One such child, Mohammed sayeed, on having learnt about the generosity of TakZainagiri, shot a letter to Tak Sahib  by post lamenting therein that he was an orphan boy who passed his  matriculation in first division and that he wanted to prosecute his studies further but due to extreme poverty her widowed mother was not allowing her to fulfill his desire because she had no money for his educational needs and was asking him to do some daily waged work with a mason in order to earn a living for his family consisting of his small brothers and sisters apart from his mother. He further stated that he had heard elders of his village speaking very high of him (Tak Sahib) and therefore requested him if he could take pity on him and provide him uniform, books and college dues (in those days students after matriculation had to join college for PUC, TDC), he promised to work hard and pass PUC in 1st division again. The boy might have had a big burden on his heart about his dying desire and wanted to lessen this by writing the letter with no hope of a response from the other side. But Tak Sahib on receiving the letter immediately set for the place and located the house. The boy was stunned to see Tak Sahib at his door which he never had expected. (After all how often do privileged people respond to requests of unprivileged ones!). The boy repeated his request with tears rolling down his innocent cheeks. Tak Sahib could not resist “My Child, I am not a rich man, yet I will help you out of my pocket but you will have to show best performance” Tak Sahib said. The boy was over joyed to see his dream come true. “But sir, if I get first division in PUC, will you kindly again help me like this in TDC?” Sayeed said “Insha Allah, I will “. Agreed Tak Sahib. The boy really worked very hard. He was an intelligent and a diligent nice boy. He got first division in PUC. As per agreement he was given required assistance by Tak Sahib (out of his own pocket) and he yet again secured high class 1st division in TDC (three years degree course – premedical). Then there were no competitive tests for professional courses. The boy got straight way selected for MBBS.
This was a turning point in the life of Tak Sahib. “There might be plenty of such talent among orphans and poor getting wasted due to deprivation. Sayeed had the luck to contact me but all orphans with talent elsewhere may not find a way out thus leading to death of their talent and desires, both. Why should I not do something for them?” He thought. So he brought into being “The Jammu & Kashmir Yateem Trust” in the year 1972.
By the way, did he foresee the calamity, the death and destruction that was going to fall on Kashmir in near future? Or was it Gods’ wish to use him as a tool to come to the rescue of His less fortunate creation, the orphans and widowed women and girls (many widows, at the age of 16 only Ah! The girls, the widows!!)?
I still remember how Tak Sahib was taunted, accused, ridiculed and even dishonored equally by friends and foes, his own people and strangers for establishing a charity which none else dared to do or thought of doing. But he was a man with a strong determination. He would not budge an inch from his stand once he took a considerate decision. This often cost him very dearly.  He was forced to forego and abandon his lucrative and privileged service at a stage when none of his children had started earning yet. The family had to face starvation! But he never used Yateem Trust to feed his starving family as his soul was not made like that!
Braving all odds Tak Sahib went along with his mission and time proved him right. Due to his intervention and assistance through J & K Yateem Trust  scores of orphans have reached to excellent positions in society - some of them are doctors, engineers, academicians, administrators et el. Scores of widows were retrieved from destitution and helplessness to a level of security, sustenance and self respect. Many orphan girls got rehabilitated through capacity building and wedding assistance. A huge number of ailing and infirm found a support to live longer and safer.
Tak Sahib left for his heavenly abode in the intervening night of 24th and 25th July 1989. On the same day in July 1972, the Trust was established and on the same day in July 1973 the Trust was registered as a society by the Registrar of Societies. What a Coincidence!!!
Tak Sahib did not live long to see his people face death and destruction which befell Kashmir later in the same year. His generous soul and tender heart could not have borne it. Was God, therefore, kind enough to him to have recalled him early?
The J&K Yateem Trust itself became “Yateem” (orphan) as a result of death of Tak Sahib.  The Volunteers and members of the Trust soon after the demise of TakZainagiri assembled to search for the successor of Tak Sahib and finally the huge and voluminous responsibilities were thrown upon my week and feeble shoulders.
                                            QuraeiFaal Ba NameyManniDewanaZadand”
                         “Heavens did not accept to bear the burden of Trust, draw of lots was conducted and I was forced to shoulder the responsibilities which the heavens, the earth and the mountains fraught.”
Challenging task as it was, the candle had to be kept glowing. But then the political situation took a horrible turn and turmoil started. Almost everybody went through disaster. Every organization came crumbling down. Infrastructures got shattered.
The Trust had also to bear the brunt. Its whole network was dismantled. Volunteers feared for their lives. It was an uphill task to keep the flock together and torch aglow. This was not possible without the help of friends of the Trust, particularly in an atmosphere of death and destruction all around. In this 40th year of the Trust, We have lived 23 years after the demise of Tak Sahib, without him. How was it possible? Of course not because of our efforts but solely because of the continuous help of Almighty. If this is not counted as self praise, we would like to say that we and our volunteers have been exhibiting unflinching dedication, selfless service and purity of mind and heart while delivering support to suffering humanity. Surely God extends his help to such an effort only. Soon as the intentions get polluted, self-centered designs creep in and purity of purpose vanishes, God withdraws His support. The result becomes evident.
In the following pages we will narrate what the Trust has been able to achieve. Undoubtedly and unluckily what remains to be done is huge, enormous and endless. When we look at the work done, it appears as if we have just started. Where then is the place for complacency? WE don’t possess experience, knowledge and intelligence but we do have sincerity in the purpose, devotion in the sacred mission of service to humanity and complete selflessness in deliverance.  May our lord keep us straight on this path. May He bless J&K Yateem Trust and its well -wishers.  May He make the J&K Yateem Trust an effective and sustainable horizon of hope for those who suffer, and may He make them self sufficient and self reliant so that they are retired from destitution.